About Teacher Precious

Encouraging positive change in people's lives through Art.

Teacher Precious Jewel Gamboa is a special education art teacher who advocates positive change in people's lives through Art. She received her Diploma in Art Education from Nara University of Education in Japan as a scholar of the Monbusho Japanese Government Teacher Training Program. She graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, with a degree in Secondary Education, major in Special Education. She also took Fine Arts major in Visual Communication in the same university as her second degree to learn the fundamentals of art and design. In 2010, Teacher Precious ranked 6th place in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (L.E.T.) major in Physical Sciences.

Art Workshop for public school teachers in Region10 Misamis Oriental by the Philippine Advocacy for the Arts Foundation (PAAFI) 2018

Since 2013, she has been advocating art and creativity as an essential tool in the teaching and learning process by working with different organizations by conducting workshops for students and teachers. She was an art coach and LET review lecturer at MindGym Philippines where she held the first art workshop for teachers. She's the incoming secretary-general of the Philippine Association of Japanese Government Scholars (PHILAJAMES), a member of the International Society for Education through Art (INSEA), and former head of the UP Artists' Circle. She and her fellow advocate, Teacher Don Grajo are also part of the Philippine Art Awards' Art Teach Program (PAAFI), where they equip and empower public school teachers through their art workshops around the Philippines.

Nilay Art Exhibit of One World School Students, NOVA Gallery, Makati City 2017
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She was the former Art Teacher and Program Leader of the Visual and Performing Arts in One World School. In 2017, she helped develop the artistic potential of children of all abilities through the Nilay Art exhibit in Nova Gallery Manila. She showcased the students' strengths, interests, and unique process of creating art, emphasizing authenticity and self-expression, recognizing that all are capable of contributing to society.

Teacher Precious aspires to improve the quality of Art Education in the Philippines by empowering students, parents, and teachers through Art.

Philippine Art Awards' Art and Design Fundamentals for Public School Teachers, Yuchengco Museum, Makati City 2018

Division of Quezon City Public Schools Art Workshop for Non-Art Majors Teaching MAPEH. 2017

 . Art Workshop for Public School teachers in Laguna by the Philippine Art Awards with her fellow SPED-ART advocate, Teacher Don Grajo 2018

Her story

Teacher Precious Jewel Gamboa-Tizon grew up in a simple family and was the eldest among four siblings. Her mother, a public school science teacher, influenced her to develop her love for learning. She became so interested in Science and at the age of six, decided she will also become a teacher like her mom. But life wasn't so easy for her at that time. The family continued to struggle financially, and soon they lived with their aunts in Manila, who provided support for her siblings. The place is also near reputable public schools where they can get quality education at a low cost.
In grade school, she has never experienced any formal Art classes or workshops except for the times she observed her father do portraits or paintings at home. His father, a self-employed portrait artist was her first mentor in Art. She learned how to be creative and resourceful from him who was an excellent craftsman, doing makeshift furniture at home, improvising, and fixing broken stuff. Making the most of what you have was the family mantra since they cannot afford to buy new stuff. She saw the limitation of resources as the source of her creativity; twenty plus years of constantly finding ways to make things work. She learned to be proactive, to always find solutions to problems, and to transform mistakes into learning experiences.
Her positive attitude and love for learning paved the way to make the most out of her education. Joining the art club in high school further developed her talent and skill in Art, enabling her team to compete and win at the national level. Her passion for Science helped her pass the college entrance exam in one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. Initially, she wanted to pursue a degree in Fine Arts, but the only way she can afford college is through a scholarship. And the only scholarship available for her at that time was for Education majors only. She thought maybe she was meant to be a teacher after all, and people kept telling her that there's no money in the arts. She had to be practical. Being the eldest, she had to set aside her dream of studying Fine Arts and pursue a teaching career first; a job considered noble and "stable" at that time. She majored in Special Education because she thought it was novel, and her little knowledge about it made her curious. This is where her life as a special education art teacher started.
Despite her circumstances, Teacher Precious was able to make the most out of her life's challenges. With the help of her family's love and support, including the institutions that helped her, she was able to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher and an artist. Teacher Precious aims to give back this blessing by being of service to others; by sharing her knowledge and skills, enabling positive change in people's lives through Art.